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Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility


The Sheet Metal Fabrication of Panel is carried out by using Fabrication Machinery. CRCA Sheet is cut on Shearing Machine and Corners are cut on Corner Cutting Machine. Then these sheets are bend on Bending Machine. The Panel Structure is assembled using the Arc Welding Machine/Spot Welding Machine. Each Fabricated Part is precisely checked before releasing it for pretreatment and painting.

Pretreatment and Painting:

The Fabricated Parts/Panels go through the pretreatment process of degreasing, derusting, phosphating and passivation by using the latest 7-tank process. All the Seven Tanks containing various necessary solutions are kept in a row and the fabricated items are fully immersed for specific time in each of the seven tanks by using overhead crane facilities. Each Tank is of the size 2500mm x 2500mm

After the pretreatment process the panel are painted with Epoxy Powder of Siemens Grey Shade RAL-7032 or Light Grey Shade IS 631 and backed in Gas Fired Oven. Then they are applied with Two Coats of Polyurethane Enamel Paint and same in baked in the Oven at 180 degree Temperature. The Size of Oven 2000mm x 2500mm x 2500mm. Powder coating can be also given if required by the client.

Assembly and Wiring:

Assembly and wiring work is carried out; Bus Bars are bent skilled with help of Bus Bar Bending Machine to give correct radius so as to avoid any cracks and stress on the bus bar material. Wiring is done by skilled wiremen thoroughly conversant with standard wiring practice.

Testing and Test Certificates:

All the Routine tests are carried out on the finished products as per client's requirement by our Quality Control Engineer in the presence of clients before the dispatch. With view to ensure that our products are of good quality, we got our products tested with Electrical Research and Development Association, BARODA. And Central Power Research Institute. BHOPAL. [Certificates Enclosed]


We believe Our Commitment does not end, but begins when we deliver our Panels to you. We are responsible to maintain our panels in the working order at your facilities. We stand by our customer and our panels to ensure their operation go on, uninterrupted.

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